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Converting Gemtext to HTML With Elixir

April 29, 2023

I spent a few hours this Saturday afternoon writing this little library, gemtext_to_html. I'd like to spend more time browsing and developing for Gemini space, and this is the first step towards making something Elixir-y to that end.

It ships with basic HTML components, but of course you can define your own components using regular old Phoenix Components and HEEx templates.

Find it on GitHub, HexDocs and Hex.

defmodule MyApp.MyComponents do
  @behaviour GemtextToHTML.Components
  import Phoenix.Component

  def h1(assigns) do
    <h1 class="text-lg font-bold"><%= @text %></h1>

  # ...and so on...

gemtext = """
# Hello, world

* this is a list
* indeed

pretty neat

GemtextToHTML.render_to_string(gemtext, components: MyApp.MyComponents)
# => "<h1 class="text-lg font-bold">Hello, world</h1>" <> ...